02 February 2007

Say hello to Ann for us, okay?

Two days ago, January 31, I lost another one of my heroes. Much has been written about Molly Ivins over the past few days -- deservedly -- and I won't repeat it all here. I'll just say that the next time someone asks me what I want for my birthday, my answer will be "the abilities to cut to the truth and see humor in all things, just like Molly Ivins." Sounds like an impossible birthday wish, but keep in mind that a few years ago, I wished for a memorable birthday ... and that day four airliners were hijacked and used as flying weapons. I have a great belief in the power of birthday wishes.

I was thinking about Molly on the 31st, before I heard the news. I had opened a drawer and seen the audiobook of her "Nothin' But Good Times Ahead." I bought that tape as soon as it came out in 1993, needing the solace of her essay "They Killed My Paper Today" about the demise of our former workplace, the Dallas Times Herald. I nearly wrecked on Stemmons Freeway while listening to it because my tears were coming so hard and fast, but I think I would have had that reaction even if I'd never heard of the Herald, that's how deeply felt her words were written and how sincerely they were delivered in her deep drawl. I wish I could listen to it again right now, but I no longer have a cassette player. I guess I'll have to buy the book ... gladly.

If there's a place where righteous hellraising Texans go when they die, I'm sure Molly's there now, reuniting with another of my recently departed heroes, Ann Richards. Even if they're in a perfect Heaven, I like to think they're still raising hell.

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