27 December 2008



OK, I know that most people consider Festivus outdated Seinfeld schtick, but I really do appreciate it -- both that it originated in real life outside the Seinfeld writers' room and that its lore includes backlash against overconsumers and religious idiots. And I know I'm not alone. Even one of my old high school buddies with whom I recently reconnected on Facebook chided me for beating him to the status line of "let the airing of grievances begin" last Tuesday.

So anyway, I've lived in this house for a little more than three years. One of the attic bonuses that came with the place was a bag of gift wrap for all occasions -- maybe a dozen rolls, old stuff that's unlike anything you see any more. It wasn't left by the woman who sold me the house; in fact, somehow she wasn't even aware of it. I've been grateful for that paper the past three Christmases and umpteen birthdays.

Then today I discovered that a floor-to-ceiling aluminum pole in the garage isn't actually part of the plumbing and piping it sits among. In fact, it's not attached to anything...it's a Festivus Pole! A good 10-footer! I hope it won't be considered tacky if in my joy I leave my newfound Festivus Pole erected year-round in its comfortable little garage nook since there's no way to get it into what passes for crawl space here.

Now as I remember the several empty cardboard cores I found among the rolls of old wrapping paper, I wonder whether the previous-previous house owners considered it the Festivus wrapping to go along with their Festivus Pole. I do believe I'm living in a Festivus miracle!

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